About Us

The FDR Group is an insured and bonded general contractor and shall perform all construction to develop the property within the construction estimate. The FDR Group shall develop and deliver the property to the client on a design-build, turnkey basis. The FDR Group has commercial and residential building experience and prides themselves on their creative handling of construction details. The FDR Group continues to challenge themselves in creating glamorous buildings in less than one year from consultation to closing. The team provides one on one consultation, immediate assistance, and is always up to date with the current technology and applications. The FDR Group will walk hand and hand to meet the needs of the client and assist in making their dreams a reality.

Team Members

Anthony Sheridan (Commercial Loan Broker): Anthony has over 17 years experience in residential and commercial loan origination, loan servicing, default servicing, real estate and commercial underwriting. He founded MoneyFund Inc. in 2005. Anthony has a BA, MBA and currently working on his PhD. and hold an undergraduate study at Angelo State University.


Sam Sheridan (Co-owner/Lending Expert/Real Estate Agent):  Sam has many years of experience in real estate, loan origination, loss mitigation, investing, and more.  Previously he was part of the upper management team for IndyMac Bank, OneWest Bank, and National Default Servicing(vendor-Bank of America) and brings his experience to help MoneyFUND reach the highest level of success.  He also brings years of real estate knowledge as a licensed Texas real estate agent.


Earl Grant (Construction Accountant): Earl has over 15 years experience in accounting. Earl received his MBA from Long Island University in Long Island New York, and under graduate from Knoxville Tennessee. Earl is the former CFO, of the Austin Area Urban League, two Construction Companies and former IBM Accountant for thirteen years.


Stelton Govan, (General Contractor):  Stelton has over 25 years of commercial general contractor experience. In addition, Mr. Govan has extensive experience in managing commercial building construction and underground utilities development with completed commercial project all over Texas and surrounding area.


Alan Hollingsworth (Project Manager): Alan has over 10 years experience as an estimating and construction manager. He is retired Military.


Jesse Lujan (Sales Manager):  Jesse has over 20 years of Sales experience. He has extensive knowledge in residential and commercial construction sales.